V-Panties That Will Rock Your Body All Night Long

Vibrating panties are a great way to boost the sex life of both you and your partner. It’s something many couples overlook because they are embarrassed by their lack of knowledge about the product or are afraid to try it out. The vibrating feature in these panties is designed to simulate a real orgasm. That’s right, your woman can achieve an orgasm every time she puts on her v-panties. But you have to know what to do to make her climax…

Vibrating panties are designed with a special blend of elastane, silicone, cotton spandex, and other specialty fabrics. They work similar to jelqing, the popular method that women use to increase the size of their breasts. You start by using your hand to apply slight pressure to the area of your body you wish to increase. This applies gentle pressure to the area where you would like to see the biggest change in size; usually this is the breast area. After applying just enough pressure, you will begin to feel a slight tingle on the sensitive skin of your body.

When this tingling starts to occur, your woman should quickly put on her v-panties. Do not take your eyes off the screen on your computer. Continue to apply gentle pressure to the breast area while you read. While you are reading, you can gently massage the area where your woman’s breasts are forming. Use both hands to knead and massage the breast tissue.

Once you’re satisfied that your woman is getting what she wants from this experience, it is time for her to put on her v-panties. Again, do not look at the screen. Instead, tell her how attractive she looks in her mini dress. You can even tell her how much she looks like a real model by the way she dresses. If she responds by asking if she can model for you one day, then you know she approves of this activity.

After putting on the v-panties, it is now time to rock the body. Again, do not take your eyes of the computer screen. Keep rubbing and kneading the breast area. Your woman will be completely aroused from all of this activity. As she begins to feel more comfortable, then you can take the next step and pull out the insides of the v-panties. You will immediately notice that her back is erect and that her juices have been released.

This is the time for you to take control of this entire experience. Once you begin rubbing and kneading her breasts, you will not be able to take your eyes off of her. At this point, you can continue to rub her stomach, neck, and thighs. In order to please your woman, do not forget to rub her inner thighs. By the time you are done with her, you should be able to see a blush on her cheeks and an aroused look on her face.

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