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Why My Wife Not Ready For Sex?

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When dating, it’s really hard for partners to go for a day without talking. They want each other and spending time together feels amazing. But, things change after marriage and when kids come into the scene. You most likely want to have sex every night but your wife is not ready for it. So, you keep wondering why she is not in the mood for sex most of the times.

In fact, this is the reason why some men hire high class escorts. Unlike wives, these companions understand men and they are always ready to give them what they want. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why your wife may not be ready for sex.

Lost Connection

Most men feel connected to their wives when they have sex. However, women need connection to have sex. Although you might have talked with your wife about superficial things or logistics, she wants more. Your wife wants to be known, heard, and seen. If not, she feels disconnected and lonely and this can make her lose interest in having sex with you.

She No Longer Feel Sexy

After having kids, your wife’s body may have changed. Maybe she thinks about this most of the time and compares herself to women that haven’t given birth. Even after her pre-kids body returns, she could still be comparing herself or waiting your affirmation. If you don’t give her this affirmation, she might not feel sexy and this can affect her desire to have sex with you.

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